Screen Protector Set for DS Lite (2-Piece Set)

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In the gaming world things can get rough

Take precautions to make sure your Nintendo 3DS isn’t a casualty

Apply the screen protector to your screen to guard against scratches and dings

Invisible screen protector offers superior protection from scratches dust and dirt that may be accumulated from everyday use prevents reflection and decreases glare from ultraviolet

The screen protector applies quickly and easily and has a self adhesive backing that will not leave sticky residue behind should you decide to remove or replace it

Its precision-cut allows for a perfect fit with any case you may have protecting your DS Lite

- Anti-reflect layer against intense sunshine and provide clear picture - PET layers against electromagnet radiation and protect your eyesight - Come with a piece of soft cloth easy to stick on and clean - Design for DS Lite to reduce the fatigue of playing game