221 AVR JTAG ICE MKII Simulators Set - Translucent

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Model: 221 - Color: Translucent blue - Quantity: 1 - Material: ABS - Compatible with ATMEL original AT JTAG ICE MKII programmer - JTAG ISP PDI and Debugwire single-wire simulation programmed four ways - Uses USB 2

0 communication programmer speed up to 8MHz - AVR 8-BIT MCU Mega AVR ATmega16; ATmega16A; ATmega162; ATmega32; ATmega32A; ATmega64; ATmega64A; ATmega128; ATmega128A; ATmega164P; ATmega324P; ATmega324PA; ATmega644; ATmega644P; ATmega644PA; ATmega165; ATmega165P; ATmega325; ATmega325P; ATmega325PA; ATmega3250; ATmega3250P; ATmega3250PA; ATmega645; ATmega6450; ATmega640; ATmega1280; ATmega1281; ATmega1284P; ATmega2560; ATmega2561; ATmega48; ATmega48P; ATmega48PA; ATmega88; ATmega88P; ATmega88PA; ATmega168; ATmega168P; ATmega168PA; ATmega328P LCD AVR ATmega169; ATmega169P; ATmega169PA; ATmega329; ATmega329P; ATmega3290; ATmega3290P; ATmega3290PA; ATmega649; ATmega649P; ATmega6490 Tiny AVR ATtiny13; ATtiny13A; ATtiny2313; ATtiny24; ATtiny24A; ATtiny44; ATtiny44A; ATtiny84; ATtiny25; ATtiny45; ATtiny85; ATtiny261; ATtiny461; ATtiny861; ATtiny48; ATtiny87; ATtiny88; ATtiny43U; ATtiny167; ATtiny261A; ATtiny461A; ATtiny861A; ATtiny2313A; ATtiny4313 XMega AVR ATxmega64A1; ATxmega128A1; ATxmega64A3; ATxmega64A3U; ATxmega128A3; ATxmega128A3U; ATxmega192A3U; ATxmega256A3; ATxmega256A3B; ATxmega256A3BU; ATxmega256A3U; ATxmega16A4; Atxmega16A4U; ATxmega32A4; ATxmega32A4U; ATxmega64D3; ATxmega128D3; ATxmega192D3; ATxmega256D3; ATxmega16D4; ATxmega32D4 USB AVR ATmega32U4; ATmega32U6; AT90USB646; AT90USB647; AT90USB1286; AT90USB1287; AT90USB162; AT90USB82; ATmega8U2; ATmega16U2; ATmega32U2; ATmega16U4 Battery Management AVR ATmega406; ATmega16HVA; ATmega16HVB; ATmega32HVB; ATmega64HVE Lighting AVR AT90PWM1; AT90PWM3; AT90PWM3B; AT90PWM316; AT90PWM2; AT90PWM2B; AT90PWM216 Automotive AVR ATmega16M1; ATmega32M1; ATmega64M1; ATmega32C1; ATmega64C1; AT90CAN32; AT90CAN64; AT90CAN128 Misc AT90SCR100; ATmega128RFA1 AVR 32-BIT MCU AVR32 AP7 AT32AP7000; AT32AP7001; AT32AP7002 AVR32 UC3 AT32UC3A0128; AT32UC3A0256; AT32UC3A0512; AT32UC3A0512ES; AT32UC3A1128; AT32UC3A1256; AT32UC3A1512; AT32UC3A364; AT32UC3A364S; AT32UC3A3128; AT32UC3A3128S; AT32UC3A3256; AT32UC3A3256S; AT32UC3B064; AT32UC3B0128; AT32UC3B0256; AT32UC3B0256ES; AT32UC3B164; AT32UC3B1128; AT32UC3B1256; AT32UC3B1512; AT32UC3C0512C; AT32UC3C1512C; AT32UC3C2512C; AT32UC3B0512revC; AT32UC3B1512revC; AT32UC3B0512; AT32UC3L064; AT32UC3L032; AT32UC3L016; AT32UC3L0256 - Supports full series AVR Studio version software the highest version of series 4 is Studio4

19 series 5 up to Studio5

1 series 6 up to Studio6

0 - Automatic upgraded without manual operation - In case of failure you can repair the firmware manually conventional and forced to resume work - AVR Studio4 recommend that you install the current version of the highest order chip for new models (suffix A chip) programming download use the new features

- Packing list: - 1 x AVR USB JTAG ICE MKII host - 1 x USB cable (140cm) - 1 x Serial connection cable (130cm) - 1 x Spare cable (25cm) - 1 x ISP10 to 10 adapter cable - 1 x ISP10 to 6 adapter cable - 1 x English data CD CD Content: http://m2