Microcontroller Development Type-B Experiment Kit for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards)

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О товаре

Model Type-B Quantity 1 Color Blue Material FR4 Features Uses Atmega-328p core and ATMega16U2 microcontroller chipset higher transmission speed

Specification Great for DIY project

Application LED flashing experiment; PWM control light levels experiment; Advertising light water experiment; Button control LED experiment; Traffic light design experiment; Responder experiment; Buzzer experiment; Analog values reading experiment; Light control sound experiment; Photosensitive lights experiment; LM35 temperature sensor experiment; Tilt switches experiment; Flame alarm experiment; 4-bit digital tube display experiment; 74HC595 application experiment; Servo control experiment; Infrared remote experiments; 1602 LCD module experiment; PS2 joysticks experiment; Stepper motor experiment; Tri-color RGB module experiment; Relay module experiment English Manual/Spec Yes English file download website: http://pan


com/share/link?shareid=354578&uk=2500272204 Packing List 1 x Funduino UNO R3 board 1 x Development expansion board 1 x Breadboard 15 x LED emitter kit (red / blue / yellow; each 5pcs) 5 x 10K resistors 5 x 1K resistors 8 x 220R resistors 1 x 74hc595 2 x Buzzers 1 x Seven-segment display (1digit) 1 x Seven-segment display (4digit) 10 x Push button switches 3 x Light dependent resistors 1 x Adjustable resistor 1 x LM35 temperature sensor 1 x 1602 LCD display 1 x PS2 joystick 1 x Stepping motor 1 x Stepping motor driver board 1 x Steering engine 1 x RGB module 30 x Breadboard cables 10 x DuPont lines 1 x 2

54mm pin header 2 x Mercury switches 1 x Flame sensor 1 x Infrared receiver 1 x USB cable (40cm) 1 x Remote control (1 x CR2025 included) 1 x Battery case