Guigi AK9 Android4.2 Dual-Core 1080P TV Box Network Media Player w/ 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, Wi-Fi

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О товаре

Provides genuine high-definition television broadcast synchronized free video-on-demand video phone remote monitoring and voice search

- Multi-screen interaction supports DLNA Airplay phone remote control and other functions

- 2

4G smart remote control with a game controller voice and intelligent learning function when you hold it vertically it is a remote control while when you hold it horizontally it is the gamepad

- Unique dual cooling system by cooling holes and metal

- Exclusive 6dBi high-gain antenna

- Dual desktop system and you can customize your classification

- Has the game lobby connected with the remote control

- One second boot speed so you do not have to wait too long

- Exclusive remote monitoring

- Over 5000 kinds of handle games

- Network optimizer clearing all obstacles which occupy the network resources

- A local server you can select the nearest server region to get resources

- Support hit shows recommendation good shows collection playing records definition selection source selection breakpoint play function

- Family karaoke OK

- LAN sharing

- Support for download installation operation and unloaded of APK applications

- Web browsing stock and finance news parenting education opera world health care and other programs

- Perfect full 3D format decoding you can enjoy the perfect audio-visual effects

Intelligent remote control parameters: - Signal transmission: 2

4G wireless transmission - Remote control distance: 30 meters or more and even control through the wall - GM: any device with a USB interface plug and play - Sensitivity: free from hardware limitations - Sound output: can be set - Game instructions: can be set - Learning function: learning the remote control key of other models and TVs - It can control all of network terminals: TV WINDOWS device network set-top boxes Android devices